Seeking Link Testers

As the release date for Perfume Island approaches – mid-September, most likely – I’m trying to get organised. Still a long way from marketing-savvy, but one thing that will happen is a two… Continue reading

In the beginning

In the beginning, Zucker said, ‘Let there be Facebook,’ and there was Facebook. Zucker saw that Facebook was good, and He separated profiles from pages and said, ‘Go figure, you schmucks.’ And verily… Continue reading

Merci, Mayotte Hebdo!

It was a fairly quiet week in Mayotte. No strikes, riots or barricades, no visiting French politicians promising to stop the flow of boat people from Comoros, not even a luxury cruise ship… Continue reading

Back the other way

There’s plenty worse: I could be in prison, in hospital, shipwrecked, a hostage, or trapped in a lift with Vladimir Putin. Instead, I’m on my way to Perfume Island, aka Mayotte. But still,… Continue reading

Off on a journey

From where I was, buried in the sand, I couldn’t hear much. Just a few muffled voices. ‘She’s stuck,’ said one, and another replied, ‘She’ll die if she stays out here.’ Someone else… Continue reading

Potholes and Divans

On behalf of my client, Mme Carole Borde, I hereby inform you that she has lodged a complaint against you for the usurpation of the title of psychotherapist. ‘Does it mean I’ll go… Continue reading

The Case of the Missing Letter

My last post asked the question, What’s odd about it? There followed two paragraphs, one in English, one in French, both with the same strange feature of being e-less. That’s right – not… Continue reading

What’s odd about it?

You may find a curious anomaly in this string of words pursuant to my introduction. Gallic? Truly it is, but that is not my point, which is plainly a particularity most odd. Do you… Continue reading

Newsletter News

You’re no doubt keen to know about my newsletter. Yep, thought so. So you’ll be pleased to hear that I have 18 subscribers, each one of whom I thank sincerely. Far from the hundreds that… Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Say Something

‘He won’t say anything. Dumb as a mule.’ ‘Mules are stubborn,’ said Owen, ‘not dumb. They bray. Eeaw! You know?’ ‘Mule yourself.’ Jodie brought her face close to Gordon’s. ‘Why don’t you speak?… Continue reading