4 VITAL Things To Know As An Indie Author (The Emotional Rollercoaster, part 2)

Perspective, patience, perseverance. You’re right, my brain knows it, Dan. Just gotta hammer the message home to my gut. Thanks for the post, it helps!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Well, maybe that last one... You ROCK!

If you wrote a book and published it, congratulations! You’re a small business owner, and entrepreneur. A budding capitalist.

You write your product. That’s cool!

Then, you sell your product.

So… you’re a salesperson.


scared%20mom Salesperson??? Nooooo!

Most of you NEVER wanted to be salespeople.

Your book/books are your business, and you have a small staff of employees. Probably just you. That means you are the boss, but also the manufacturer, the salesperson, the marketer, the accountant… the janitor… Since without sales there really isn’t any business, the most important thing is selling the product (after you have a product).

Whether it is a hobby or a part-time job or full-time job, that just means the amount of JOY or PAIN & SUFFERING you go through are magnified. Whether you are selling 1 book a week, 1 book an hour, or 1 book a minute, you probably…

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