The cost of doing (shady) business

To buy or not to buy? Another thoughtful post from Kevin Brennan.



Book Launch Kickstart Boost – 50 Kindle Sales & Reviews for $250!

I don’t know. Doesn’t it seem slightly … unethical … to you? To pay $250 for 50 reviews?

(I’m not linking to the site because I don’t want to offer inadvertent promotion.)

Basically this is what Amazon has been cracking down on and what readers are rightly suspicious of. I happened on this deal as it streaked by on my Twitter feed the other day, noting that these folks promise to push your book to the head of the class in the Kindle rankings. It’s really just another pay-to-play scheme and must surely fly in the face of the Ethical Author Code.

Or does it?

Maybe it’s just a matter of degree, but if you can buy a review from Kirkus, why can’t you buy 50 reviews from this outfit? Neither Kirkus nor these guys promise positive reviews. You…

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