Request for advice (since I can’t get Benedict)


A little while ago, I set up the page for the One Green Bottle audio book, where I posted my recordings of the first four chapters. I don’t think many people have listened to them, but Aaron Meizius, my publisher, has. The other day he suggested doing the whole book, and asked if I’d want to read it myself or have someone else do it. Now, the problem is, I have no idea. I always loved acting but when I moved to France there wasn’t much call for British accents  (I know Jane Birkin did all right but she had a few other assets which I lack) so I haven’t done any for decades. My question, then, is simple: what do I say to Aaron?

I’d be quite happy to do it, but I’m far from Benedict Cumberbatch. The question is, am I too far, or does it pass muster? Your opinion here would be much appreciated – you only need to listen to a few minutes (ignoring if possible the quality of the recording, which wasn’t done in a proper studio), then give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the comments. And I won’t be at all offended if it’s no – I’m not intending to audition for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Many thanks!