The wait is almost over…


I’ve just been away for a fortnight in Tanzania, so I haven’t been blogging of late. However, all was planned so that I’d be back in time to announce the winner of the Book a Break short story competition on March 15th – tomorrow! And Atthys Gage, the judge, has been in touch with a wonderful text which I’ll post tomorrow, mentioning several stories he recommends, along, of course, with the winner and two runners-up. All I have to do before then is put the names to the numbers he cites, but I’ll also read the stories again and before too long I hope to be in touch with as many participants as I can. As to be expected, it was a difficult decision, with some very good quality entries.To be honest, I’m glad it was Atthys, not me, making that final decision. And I’m also very appreciative of the work he’s done – he’s been prompt, helpful and conscientious throughout the entire procedure.

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