P is for #Pitmad


Number 16 in The A to Z of the Writer’s Affliction, part of the A to Z blogging challenge.

My friend Arnold Pogostik, author of The Incredibly Cruel Creep-Crawly That Kidnapped Kate, has almost finished his new book, The Eleventh Hole. So he’s lining up for the next Pitmad, in which writers pitch their books to agents on Twitter. Wish him luck, everyone!

The world is amazed when famous golfer, Matthew Haggert, clubs a fellow golfer to death on the green following an altercation about putting.

What a terrible event! Golfer John Smethwick dies at the hands of his rival Matthew Haggert after they argue on the 11th hole of St Andrews.

Blood on the green! St Andrews witnesses a gruesome murder as golfer Matthew Haggert goes beserk when his rival cheats when lining up a putt.

The brutal truth about golf is revealed in this gripping thriller involving jealousy, murder, fabulous wealth and putting. St Andrews reels!

You’ll never look at golf in the same way again after reading this great depiction of a tragic rivalry between two gifted but flawed putters.

Matt Haggert has everything a man can dream of – wealth, women and fame on the golf course. But when his arch enemy putts, it all goes wrong.

Haggert v. Smethwick. 11th hole. £1 million at stake. The world holds its breath. Who will win? And at what cost? A superb new golf thriller.

“Absolutely amazing,” says Tiger Woods of the brand new thriller, The Eleventh Hole. “Golf as you’ve never seen it. I couldn’t putt it down.”