In the nick of time


Win a copy of Perfume Island

With the A-Z over, blogging now resumes a more reasonable schedule. Maybe twice a week. We’ll see. For the next few days probably not even that, as we have family visiting, including a granddaughter who’s more distracting than the whole of Zanzibar.

But other projects continue. The Writers’ Co-op went public yesterday, where I had the honour of writing the first post. As I’ve already stressed, it’s a fledgling project, but don’t hesitate to check it out – your contributions are not just welcome but indispensable!

And later today number 3 of the Yours Curtisly Newsletter goes out. In this issue, you’ll find:

  • the next instalments of the two ongoing series, Loss and The Authorised Biography of Curtis.
  • the chance to win an edit / critique of a story or book chapter.
  • the chance to win a free PDF of Perfume Island, due for release in September 2016. Apart from my beta readers, the winner (you) will thus be the first person to have it, complete with a cover (not the definitive one, therefore unique) and a personalised dedication. And if you so choose, you can even read it.

The prizes are won by being the first to answer two simple (well, up to a point) questions. As for the instalments, they’re very short, and if you missed the first two, they can be had by clicking on a Past Issues link at the top. So it’s never too late to sign up – a click below will get you there, and you’ll be in the nick of time for issue 3!


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