Agent to Zanzibar


From literary agent Sydney Lushpile to Jambiani Beach in Zanzibar, April was a little hectic on the blogging front. But thanks to some advance planning, I completed the A to Z challenge, so here, as recommended by the organisers, are a few reflections.

Being my usual self, I didn’t do much in the way of visiting other blogs. Actually, that’s not true – I did try. I even followed the organisers’ suggestion of visiting the first five blogs below your own in the list and leaving a comment. I did that a few times but I guess I was out of luck because many of the blogs weren’t doing anything. I suppose people sign up for the A-Z like they do to a gym. Good intentions and all. And the ones that were active were mostly telling me I’d be better off with Jesus in my life. I’ve got nothing against Jesus, but the thing is we figured out our relationship some time ago, so it’s a bit like telling me what I ought to eat every day – I kind of like to decide that for myself. Persisting in my efforts, I came across some fascinating blogs which had just one drawback – they’re on blogspot. Ever tried to comment on a blogspot post? Enough said.


A to Z participant still hoping to post a comment on blogspot

Despite these setbacks, I connected with some new people whose blogs I much enjoyed:

Romero Russo at Sarcasm Font did a consistently funny series that you will enjoy, especially if you’re into zombies.

Durba Dhyani with her Stories from India kept me both informed and entertained thanks to her fine writing and wide variety of topics.

Also from India, And Life Unfolds by Subhendu Mohanty ran a batch of stories, some of them as a series, that I must go back to read in more detail.

Pluviolover, whose Frat Friday posts I will add to my list of blogs to read.

Sue Ranscht at Space, Time and Raspberries. We actually met before, thanks to the Book a Break Short Story competition (her submission will be in the forthcoming anthology) but her A to Z posts were always an excellent read.

There are plenty of others who visited, liked and commented – too numerous to mention here, but many thanks to you all!