Special flash fiction offer! Sh-Boom!


Happy whatever, she thought, driving back. That’s what they’d said. A surprise. We’ll be happy whatever.

A red light. The brakes squealed. Concentrate.

But she was back there, the transducer sliding over the gel, cold and sticky. Her head craning to see the screen. The doctor blocking it. Then abruptly switching it off, turning towards her. ‘Your husband couldn’t come?’

‘He was busy.’

There was something wrong. His face. His manner. The silence. Everything.

The wrong surprise.

She stifled a sob and turned on the radio full blast. But it couldn’t cover the furious, rushing sh-boom of that tiny heart.

In response to Matt’s Flash Fiction Foray, where the prompt was  Sh-Boom by The Crew Cuts. When I read it again, I realised it was even sadder than last week’s, so I did another one, a bit lighter:

It was always the same. Too much emotion, too much stress and her thoughts seized up. The words wouldn’t come. Words as simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ were stuck in the brambles of her brain.

What did he say? Do I take…? Becky swallowed, sensing the eyes of the whole congregation upon her. This man… lawful wedded…

She caught her sister’s eye, a nod of anxious encouragement: Go on, say it! Then a rush of relief as her thoughts cleared: that game they played, leaping out to surprise each other. With a radiant smile, Becky turned to the vicar. ‘Sh-boom!’