ARC request


A recent post, How It Could Work, by Atthys Gage on Writers’ Co-op describes a five-step approach to promoting the book you’ve just written. That being the case with Perfume Island, I’m on step one, which I reproduce here:

Step One: approach everyone you know and beg/cajole/threaten them until they agree to read an advance copy of the book and post a review at A hundred reviews would be good, but realistically? Aim for ten. This probably means settling for five. The main thing is getting some reviews up, because nobody likes a blank page.

So far I’ve threatened no one. But I overcame my reticence and sent out some emails (remaining polite at all times) and the responses have been wonderful. I haven’t even had to beg. Thank you!

Now, this post is addressed to anyone who feels put out that they didn’t receive a request, but would dearly love to review Perfume Island all the same. Please don’t be put out – the only reason you didn’t get a direct request is that I’m shy. No, honestly. Or perhaps there are people who aren’t put out but would still like to review it. Or people curious to see what happens in the book. Or people keen to get it now for free rather than later at a price. There are many possible categories of reader but I do not discriminate – everyone is welcome!

Drop me a line at curtis.bausse(at) and you shall receive your Advance Review Copy forthwith, PDF, mobi or epub. And have the immense satisfaction of proving Atthys wrong. Because much as I admire his writing, wouldn’t it be nice to smash that gloomy prediction of his? Five? We can do better than that!

Oh, and I almost forgot – here’s the blurb:

People come out here, they do things they wouldn’t do back home…

All they wanted was a quiet evening together. Then came the phone call. And a chain of events which would take Magali Rousseau into the sinister heart of the tropical island of Mayotte. Where a gloss of beauty hides a tangle of contradictions and fears. Where the scent of perfume covers the stench of poverty. And where Magali goes on a perilous search for the truth.

In 2011, Mayotte became France’s 101st department. Generosity? Or the cynical occupation of a colony? Perfume Island – a mystery story where the setting itself is a mystery. A geopolitical oddity seething with tension. A wonderland waiting to explode.

And everyone is paying the price.