12 Augusts a year


Î’m usually in two minds about special days or months, like Don’t Drop Litter Day or Be Nice to Your Neighbour Day, because such behaviour should happen every day. But since it doesn’t, awareness days do perhaps serve a purpose. As long as people don’t then assume they can spend the rest of the year tossing plastic bottles into rivers and being nasty to their neighbours.

To get to the point, though: this month is Write an Amazon Review Month. The title is self-explanatory, but Rosie Amber makes a fuller argument here. It reminded me that I’m a little behind myself: I finished (and much enjoyed) Kevin Brennan’s Occasional Soulmates a while back and still haven’t posted a review. Must get on to that. On the other hand, I did get round to reviewing Dan Alatorre’s The Navigators and Britt Skrabanek’s Nola Fran Evie. Two very different books, but again, both enjoyable.

If you look on Amazon, you’ll see that the writers with the most reviews are the ones that need them least. You could say, ‘Well, that’s because they’re the best’. And there may be some truth in that. But it’s also an example of the Matthew effect, whereby the rich get richer. So before the month is out, I’ll make a point of writing more reviews for the books that need them most. After which I’ll just need to remember that every month of the year is August.