What’s in a name?

Readers of One Green Bottle will know that at the end Magali becomes a grandmother. For those of you still to read it, that’s not a great spoiler. In fact at that point, her granddaughter doesn’t even have a name. Not in the book anyway – she obviously got one from her parents.

But what? She’s a year old now and it’s time I knew what to call her.

So rather than pore over lists of names on a website, I’m turning to you for help. Much more fun. All suggestions are welcome in the comments below. Well, not quite all – there are a few restrictions. The name has to exist in both English and French. (Quite apart from other considerations, I wouldn’t pick Marie-Antoinette, for example.) Nor do I go for the outlandish – I tend to avoid names like Aspidistra or Snapshot. And definitely no Khalisees, please. But otherwise, feel free to suggest some favourite names, and  I’ll draw up a shortlist. Many thanks!