A few more miles


Well, I said I’d run into snags with the launch of Perfume Island, which was to have been released two days ago. Actually, what I’ve run into is a cul de sac. I won’t go into details here (if you’re interested, there’s a longer explanation at the Writers’ Co-op), simply say that I don’t have a publisher for it any more.

Oh, well. I bear no grudge, the ending was amicable, and I’m grateful for our collaboration up to now. On the other hand, I can’t just pretend it hasn’t happened, which is why I felt the need to state it here. The world wasn’t exactly holding its breath, but there are at least a few people in the know, some of them poised to write a review on Amazon.

Funnily enough, it’s the second time this has happened to me, so maybe there’s a hidden message: bite the bullet and self-publish. Indeed, I have no alternative – finding an agent or publisher is a mountain to climb at the best of times, but no one will ever accept the second book in a series if they don’t already have the first.

So this is just to say that although the book is ready, and I could release it myself tomorrow if I wanted, I’m going to delay for another couple of months. Because much as I was a novice when One Green Bottle came out, I’ve read a lot since then and there’s no point launching a book without a promotion campaign.

So I’ve reversed out of the cul de sac, had a rethink of strategy and set out on a different course. It’s a bit like reaching the end of a marathon and being told they’ve added a few more miles. Good job I stocked up on energy bars.