Flash Fiction Challenge: Stuff That Ain’t Working

For writers keen to salvage an idea that isn’t working…

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

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This week’s Friday Flash Fiction Challenge involves…

Stuff That Ain’t Working

Find a story you’ve written/are working on that isn’t quite working. Summarize it in 250 words or less, blurb style. Give it a new title.

We’ve all been there. The idea is solid but the words just aren’t happening.

Twenty or thirty thousand words in, you wonder what to do.

Do this.

Share it here – summarize your story or someone else’s (wink, wink) and see if someone else can shed some insight.

As you read the blurbs of others, you can note that it looks interesting. Maybe offer a suggestion about where it could go. Start a dialogue.

Personally, I think this might be really interesting. But who knows.

I know you guys have some good stuff floating around in your heads. Why not share some of it?

See, I was sitting in car line…

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