Flash fiction: New World Coming

Neon Music Sign

Derived from an image that is © Nevit Dilmen

Matt the Bookblogger’s Flash Fiction Foray is back! In which the title of a song serves as the prompt for a 100 word story. This week it’s New World Coming by Benjamin Wallfisch & Disa. Today being Sunday, Smith is taking a rest from the A to Z, so I hasten to step in while I can.

He said there could be a world without nuclear weapons. Global warming could be stopped. No need for thousands to drown in search of a better life. He said there could be equality and justice. Poverty could be eradicated; famine, malnutrition and preventable disease would belong to the past. All it would take to make it happen was the will. Belief that it could, trust in others, and a commitment to the good of all rather than the accumulation of individual wealth.

After listening carefully and debating the matter amongst themselves, they reached the unanimous decision to kill him.