I’m thinking of moving, probably in August, to somewhere better suited to my needs. A place that’s more functional, where I can add bits and pieces as I want. Where I am now there are a lot of restrictions and I’m beginning to feel a little cramped. I’m still hesitating though. Moving is always a little stressful – so many things can break or get lost in the process. There’s also the problem that if I do go somewhere else, I’ll have to look after it myself, whereas here I have a team to do it for me. I’m pretty useless at DIY. Then there’s the risk that people won’t note my new address, so no one will find me there. Perhaps I’ll need to keep this address for a while after I move.

It’ll be my third move in four years. I still have my previous address but I haven’t been there for more than six months. Anyone who visits must wonder why it’s so deserted and derelict. I picture them wandering about, calling ‘Anyone here?’, then shrugging their shoulders and moving on. It would probably be better for me to demolish that place altogether.

OK, you’ve guessed by now: I don’t mean a new house but a new blog, specifically at The appeal of lies in its user-friendliness, but try to do anything outside of what the designers decide and you’re stuck. No plug-ins except the few they allow. It’s frustrating.

But it’s not just that. The main reason is that I want an author website that looks more professional. With Perfume Island planned for release (at last!) in September, a new look is needed. The question now is whether I design the new house myself or call on an architect. But whatever the new setup, there’ll still be a blog for you to follow. For which, I sincerely thank you.