B is for Book in Bar

N° 2 in the The Writer’s Affliction, part of A to Z Blogging Challenge Normal behaviour: go into a bookshop, browse, buy a book (maybe). Strange behaviour: buy a book on Amazon, go into a… Continue reading

A is for Agent

To kick off my series, the A to Z of the Writer’s Affliction, I’m very pleased to start with the letter A. It could have been Author, Anxiety or Amazon, but no, I’ve… Continue reading

The A to Z Blogging Challenge

The condition is so tenacious that pharmaceutical companies have given up looking for a cure. Symptoms include fretting over commas and semicolons, living with a crowd of fictitious characters in your head, craving… Continue reading

Discovering the debaa

Rosine and Bacar of the madrassati (debaa group) Toyaria, pose in their salouvas.  One thing leads to another… Way back last March, I wrote a post about Mayotte for Clara Wiggins, author of… Continue reading

Yes, he has a life!

Now, when you imagine me (which of course you often do), you no doubt see me sitting at the computer eight or nine hours a day, taking just the occasional break to eat,… Continue reading

An adaptable story

I’ve just more or less closed down my other blog, Journey of a Blogvelist, and invited followers to join me over here. So by way of a welcome gift to those of you… Continue reading

G. Rumpy’s Travel Tips: Safari

Most disappointing. I undertook a trip to a game reserve with my dear wife, Gladys, in order to see animals. Now, I wouldn’t want anyone to misconceive that we didn’t see any – we… Continue reading

And the winner is…

  As promised here is Atthys Gage’s text accompanying the result of the first Book a Break Short Story Competition. I’ve modified nothing, except to add the authors’ names after the corresponding numbers.… Continue reading

The wait is almost over…

  I’ve just been away for a fortnight in Tanzania, so I haven’t been blogging of late. However, all was planned so that I’d be back in time to announce the winner of… Continue reading

Request for advice (since I can’t get Benedict)

A little while ago, I set up the page for the One Green Bottle audio book, where I posted my recordings of the first four chapters. I don’t think many people have listened to… Continue reading

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