Tiki and Percy

Tiki and Percy were friends. It hadn’t always been so. When Tiki arrived, Percy had been there a dozen years. ‘Where on earth’, he wondered, ‘has this grotesque lump of wood come from?’ Tiki… Continue reading

Kent Road Car

I’ve been in the box these past 40 years. Only came out with the Great Declutter. ‘Hey, Car!’ Curtis exclaimed. ‘I’d almost forgotten all about you.’ For one heady moment, he thought I… Continue reading

Sores and Afflictions

Last week I was in Lyon for the Jéco, which stands for Journées de l’Economie. Now economics isn’t really my field – I was accompanying Mrs. B, who knows far more about it… Continue reading

Villains, Democracy and Reality

I suppose you could create a fictional character who was xenophobic, misogynistic, grotesque and despicable. And for good measure, you could give him a ridiculous hairpiece and have him run for President. But… Continue reading

Things I Miss

Sorting photos is tricky. Do you do it thematically? Chronologically? By location? Time and space being fairly constant during our Mayotte interval, I went for thematic, but the categories are fuzzy. For example… Continue reading

The discreet charm of tatty sleeves

GD’s discussion of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite on the Writers’ Co-op got me thinking, in a roundabout sort of way, about naked torsos. Actually, his post isn’t about the whole meteorite, just a bit… Continue reading

A Space of One’s Own

I sometimes say that all you need to write is a notebook and a pen. Airport departure lounge, dentist’s waiting room, park bench, Starbucks – just plonk yourself down and write. Virginia Woolf… Continue reading

How racist are you?

http://www.liberation.fr/france/2016/09/04/marine-le-pen-fait-sa-rentree-a-brachay_1482625 Roudy stared at her, blinking. ‘What makes you think I’m looking for anyone?’ It was Magali’s turn to be taken aback. ‘Well, if Benamrouche is innocent, the investigation has to start over… Continue reading

Au revoir, Mayotte

Well, actually, it might be adieu. We’re off tomorrow, and it seems unlikely we’ll be back. La Réunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, yes, but unless you’re a diving fanatic, there’s no imperative reason to come… Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: Stuff That Ain’t Working

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your humble host This week’s Friday Flash Fiction Challenge involves… Stuff That Ain’t Working Find a story you’ve written/are working on that isn’t quite working. Summarize…