A few more miles

Well, I said I’d run into snags with the launch of Perfume Island, which was to have been released two days ago. Actually, what I’ve run into is a cul de sac. I won’t… Continue reading

Pilgrims, whales and trolls

Things are a bit topsy-turvy right now. Or maybe it’s just in my mind, which goes a bit awry at times. But at the same time as clearing out the flat, I was… Continue reading

Going, going, gone!

So I’m back in Mayotte. Arrived a few days ago actually, but whereas I thought I’d be getting back to routine after the summer, things have in fact been hectic. At the end… Continue reading

What’s in a name?

Readers of One Green Bottle will know that at the end Magali becomes a grandmother. For those of you still to read it, that’s not a great spoiler. In fact at that point, her… Continue reading

Thank you, Dan

I didn’t quite realise when setting out that in terms of difficulty, promoting a book is like stopping strangers in the street and asking them to buy a photograph of your baby. Not… Continue reading

Cats of Kyoto

About a month ago, I drove to the Aix en Provence TGV station and there was Ingrid Jendrzejewski. Now, you might not know the name, and if you do, chances are that you… Continue reading

Special offer

The header says it all. Yep, that’s right – a real good deal here. Runs for just two weeks. Click here to get One Green Bottle free and pre-order Perfume Island at 99… Continue reading

12 Augusts a year

Î’m usually in two minds about special days or months, like Don’t Drop Litter Day or Be Nice to Your Neighbour Day, because such behaviour should happen every day. But since it doesn’t, awareness days do… Continue reading

I have Eno Flight

Shall we talk about ‘otherness’ in Othello? No? How about ‘flux’ in The Wild Palms? Doesn’t appeal either? Oh, well. It’s true they’re hardly topics for a natter on the phone, nor even… Continue reading

Seeking Link Testers

As the release date for Perfume Island approaches – mid-September, most likely – I’m trying to get organised. Still a long way from marketing-savvy, but one thing that will happen is a two… Continue reading